1 st


Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore


Stratgems had a unique idea to cope up with the difficulties faced during the menstruating days of females. They came up with an app which breaks the stereotypes and myths that ob- struct female across the globe to access the menstrual prod- ucts by animated videos and in- teractive game based learning.

Team Members

  • Ramyashree S
  • Rifah A

2 nd

Red Revolutionaries

IIT Delhi


  • Want to spread awareness through various programs
  • Want to make free pads available via collaborating with governments and NGOs
  • Make vending machines available.

Team Members

  • Rythm
  • Kumari Ritika

3 rd


Rungta College of Enginnering and Technology,Bhilai


  • Using sensors, battery,antena which will be completely safe.
  • It will bring out detail of BODY HEALTH by observing volume and colour of blood through app.

Team Members

  • Sarveshwer Dahre
  • Amisha Khunte
  • Nithin Mudalyar
  • Saurabh Suman